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Collect out of hours

How do I place an order so that I can collect when the store is closed?

We have collection lockers available which enables us to securely store products enabling you to collect even when we are closed.

However, at present we can only make certain orders available for collection out of hours – this is due to volume, weight and value based constraints.

To check if this is available for what you require please call us directly on 02089204181.

We will be able to advise if this is possible based on what you would like to order.

When will my order be ready to collect?

If we advise that collection out of hours is possible, once your order has been processed it should be available to be collected the same day after hours.

We would provide details as above upon order confirmation.

What do I need to collect my order out of hours?

To collect your Order from 1 off our collection lockers you would need to know the locker number and the combination code enabling access.

We will share this information on the order confirmation.

Where and when can I collect?

Your order will be ready to collect once we have given you an order confirmation either out of hours or also when we are open.

Our collection lockers are next to our building and we will share further information on the order confirmation

Please find our address and opening times on the Contact Us link.